3. Purpose Of A Resume

Advertise Yourself for Job Activity:

For any job posted, many candidates apply. Some of these candidates will be less qualified than you and other better than you. Faced with this volume of competition, it’s essential that you sell yourself. That means making it clear why you are the best candidate available. Answer the following questions to know your edge.

1. Know your online presence

a. Google yourself! Find out what is out there about you on the internet.

b. If there is something unfavourable about you, find the source and remove the information.

c. Clean up your personal blog, facebook account.

d. Make your page "Private"

2. Who Are you? (Identity) - What makes you special?

a. What is your value?

b. What is your personality type?

c. What is your belief?

d. What are you passionate about?

e. What is your interest, hobby, education, place of birth?

3. What you can do? (Skills) - What talents, skills, and know-how you claim?

a. what are your proficiencies?

b. Certifications 

c. What are you flexiable with?

d. Languages known, etc.

4. What are your credibility (Reasons to believe) - What makes your trustworthy to the audience?

a. Success track record (Experience)

b. List of accomplishments

c. Recommandetations

e. Marks scored

f. Articles, books, reviews written

5. What is your promise? (So What)

a. What kind of image you communicate (Self Expression)? (the kind of image you can communicate)

b. What kind of person you could be (Aspiration)? (the kind of person you think, you could be)

c. What kind of emotional expeience you exibhit? (feeling more: safe, relaxed, free, competent, confident, energized, reassured

d. What kind of experince you provide for people around you? 

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